Mindfulness – Compassion – Nonviolent communication

ABOUT DAVID Passion for sincere living

David Dewulf is a doctor. After graduating in medicine, he travelled the world for years in search of new inspiration and the deeper meaning of life.
He came into contact with the original cultures and ancient wisdom of China, Thailand, Nepal, and India. A new world opened up. Also, the wisdom traditions of the West gave many answers.

BOOKS Books about mindfulness and self-compassion

David wrote 15 books on mindfulness and self-compassion. Also books for teenagers and children.

Seminars Seminars & Workshops

You can book David Dewulf for 5 different lectures.

I AM the Institute for Attention & Mindfulness

I AM est une organisation à but non lucratif dont le but est de renforcer la résilience des gens et de vivre plus heureux. Plus de 15 000 personnes ont déjà suivi des cours à I AM. ((Pleine Conscience)

CONTACT Contacter David

Please mail:  info@daviddewulf.be

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