7 February 2017

Train the trainer

This is now offered in The Netherlands and Belgium .


Applying MBCT and MBSR as a trainer is not taught in 8 weeks. It requires a thorough preparation and a structured training. I AM offers training and education over two years. One will receive a ‘written evidence’ or certificate when completing the training. Trainers who have obtained a certificate can join the professional associations in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Book associated with the program: Mindfulness bij stress, burn-out en depressie. Een 8-weken stappenplan voor hulpverleners. 



I AM offers a certified training for Compassion & Heartfulness. The training developed by I AM, is unique. The training consists of two parts: Part 1 is following the training as a participant. This can be in an 8 weeks training, either in an intense 3-day or during the summer week in the Ardennes. Part 2 is the training to become a trainer, and this consists of 3 days. The pre-requisites for this training, among other things, is to already be a mindfulness trainer. You can use the syllabus for your participants after certification by I AM.

Book associated with the program: De weg van zelfcompassie. Van kwetsbaarheid naar veerkracht. 



After attending Module 1 (3 days or 6 sessions “Nonviolent communication with mindfulness and compassion), you can follow Module 2 as a mindfulness trainer. In Module 2, we look at this unique training from a trainer perspective. We work with case studies, role play and meditations. From your own experience and personal process in Module 1, you will learn in this Module how to facilitate the training for your participants. On the basis of reflections, you dwell on your intentions and concerns as a mindfulness trainer in communication. You get permission to use the participants syllabus for your own workouts.

This training is an absolute must for those who want to integrate mindfulness and compassion into communication and want to pass it on to participants. This compelling training developed by Dr. David Dewulf represents a unique integration of nonviolent communication, mindfulness, compassion and insights from neuropsychology.



Teenagers are very open and curious about new experiences in life. Even though they do not always show it and are less direct about it, mindfulness is a very valuable contribution for them in their search for adulthood and their own identities. Guiding teenagers in this process is an exciting and challenging issue for every trainer!

During this training you will learn the Mindfulness Program for Teenagers. Thanks to the alternation between meditation and vivid metaphors certain messages can be experienced in a profound way. Anecdotes from daily life are alternated with adjusted exercises and topics that are close to teenagers. We practice the 8-week program in a practical way.

Book associated with the program: Mindfulnesstraining bij jongeren. Stappenplan voor hulpverleners. 



During the kids teacher training you will get to know and practice the principles of educating in connectedness and mindful communication. You will receive detailed practical information and extensive opportunity to strengthen your trainer capacities. You will learn a program tailored to kids. You can start with the kids programme with enough knowledge about kids from the age of 4 to 6 or from 7 to 12 years old. We work with literature, homework assignments, role playing, video clips, …