7 February 2017

Mindfulness for life

Mindfulness is an invitation to be present in the only moment we have, the present moment!


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

The “ Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction” program (MBSR) is a scientifically researched method where stress reduction and reduction of medical symptoms take a central place. MBSR is also called “attention training”.

It is successful in dealing with various medical disorders such as cancer, chronic pain, psoriasis, heart disease, AIDS, high blood pressure, infertility, headache, stress related stomach- and intestine problems, sleeping disorders, fear, panic and depression. The first program was developed in 1979 in the US by Jon Kabat-Zinn, author of the book “Full Catastrophe Living”.

In the meantime, it has spread to over several countries, including England, Germany, France, Holland and Belgium. Its popularity in the medical world has in the meantime spread to schools, the legal profession, a number of prisons and is used as a general stress management system.

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy

More recently, in 2000, “Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy” (MBCT) has been developed. MBCT has selected the core exercises from MBSR and added some cognitive and behavioral elements to it. MBCT can therefore focus on specific target groups. The first program has been proven efficient in preventing a relapse of depression. More programs have been developed.

The I AM mindful training

I AM offers an integrated training MBSR – MBCT program. David Dewulf wrote his book after 10 years of full time experience with this program. It was researched at the University of Ghent. The teens program has been researched at the University of Leuven.



  • 8 week program
  • 3 full days
  • Summerweek (August 4-11 2017 in Dutch)


The following topics are covered:

  • Finding peace in the bustle of life
  • Training attention
  • Understanding the build-up of stress and addressing stress
  • Meditation, in 4 phases
  • The power of silence and creativity in silence
  • Yoga, Qi Gong and Tai Chi
  • Understanding the brain and its mechanisms and effects on happiness
  • How to live an optimal life?
  • Dealing with moments of feeling down and prevention of depression
  • Cognitive insight and effects
  • 4 steps of the mindful SMART – for communication
  • Compassion and self-compassion as the source for joy and inner strength
  • 4 steps of RAIN for selfcare
  • Tips for daily life

Here you can find some pictures of the training location in Frandeux.


Reactions from participants


This was the most beautiful gift to myself this year.

I was pretty sceptical at the beginning of the training, but the ice melted quickly. The strength of the group helps you to find your personal path. I am still aware of the things around me, but because of the Mindfulness training I give conscious attention to the inner learning as well now. For me it became a positive and intense experience that I will carry with me my whole life.
Jos v.S.

The mindfulness training had a positive effect on me. Because of the many exercises and meditation practices I feel strong and calm in my body; this has a direct effect on my overall wellbeing. This helps me to let go better of what comes in the form of both thoughts and emotions.
Maartje S.

An intensive experience that shows you the tools you already have within you: attention for your breath, a discerning beginner’s mind and a gentle and mild attitude. Together they provide a solid foundation to feel as solid as a mountain in your life.
Jozefien G.

Although I experienced difficulties in the beginning to adapt and to empathise, now I miss the group and I have learned a lot from them. I can recommend it to anyone and I am thankful for the support I got that has motivated me to continue during the first days when I was struggling. For me the silent day was a breaking point which was a struggle at first, but later I realized the beneftis. Many thanks to all.
Koen R.

 It is not so important to know what you will start, just do it! Experience in a residential context is unique because of the bond that grows in the silence between the participants, the positive and often happy atmosphere, empathy and the mindful presence of the trainers, the beautiful and well-kept location and … the delicious and balanced food. Recommended for those looking for a ground-breaking holiday, for me it was a unique and in-depth experience.
Rudy L.