7 February 2017

Meditation & art of living

The following days are being offered by David:




To like many people spontaneously

and without effort

is perhaps the greatest of all sources

 of personal happiness.


Russel ( 1872-1970)


This day is to return to your source and to make contact with the essence of life, with attention for yourself, the people you meet and the silence.

Focus of the day:

  • The 4 core qualities of the heart.
  • Friendship and connection from the heart.
  • Becoming friendly and soft towards yourself: the breath, the heart, the body.
  • Open space for pain and grief.
  • Working with forgiveness and relational tension in meditation.
  • Acceptance of yourself and others.
  • The HART breathing space and self-compassion.

Reactions of participants

 Meditation always seemed so serious, stern….on this day I finally got permission to allow the smile. Finally the permission to explore the space of happiness that each of us possesses, and to put it back in focus. Lovely!
Lief S.

I had delayed this meditation day for a long time because I assumed it to be negatively emotionally loaded, but in the end it was really great. It was not always easy, but I am glad I could give an honest answer when asked when were you hurt and not like last time when I was looking for something less personal. This made me able to forgive someone, which was very difficult for me at first and I was quite reluctant to do so.
Floris V.

Nice deepening after an 8 week Mindfulness course. A whole day for yourself, with new insights in forgiving and using the heart as it is intended. .
Lilly B.

This day opens your heart and brings you insights that you can really integrate in to your daily life..
Brigitte E.




You do not meditate to have no challenges anymore
You meditate in order to cope better with the challenges that come your way.

David Dewulf


This day is to return to your source and to make contact with the essence of life, with attention for yourself, the people you meet and the silence.

Topics that are covered:

  • The reality of who I am now. Self acceptance. The field of awareness
  • Yoga from within. Yoga as a way to a complete life experience
  • “Lake”-meditation and letting go of the concept of the body
  • Emotional exploration
  • Insight meditation: a humoristic perspective
  • Walking meditation: losing your center and finding it again
  • Communication : expressing your totality
  • Compassion & loving kindness: self and other: meditation
  • Here and now: integration


Reactions of participants

For us it is finding our source again and connecting with the essence of life. Living with attention for everyday life, staying awake. The people you meet,, the silence, the beautiful lyrics, the warm atmosphere … all great memories.
Inge en Peter

An engaging rich workshop with beautiful meditations.

 A day of Mindfulness is again and again ‘stopping’ to ‘revive’ and realize that “life” is worth living.
Yanne B.




You can never be fully happy here
if you also would like to be somewhere else.

David Dewulf



A meditative exploration of the 3 subtle habits & its antidotes:

  • being happy and content with what I have
  • allowing gentleness in my life
  • having the courage to face life’s reality


These days consist of lectures, meditation and silence

  • Day 1:

Unfulfilled desire…our search for happiness…

Attachment in our life: greed & competition, avarice & egoism…

Underlying emotional pain & fear. My reality as actuality?

  • Day 2:

Aversion, irritation, anger, hatred, violence, domination and aggression.

Underlying vulnerability, fear and emotional pain?

  • Day 3:

Delusion. Where do I fool myself? Underlying fear…The power to take responsibility in your life.