7 February 2017

Compassion & self-compassion

Compassion is not about reaching perfection, but about embracing all imperfections we experience.

David Dewulf


This training introduces you to the four heart qualities: loving kindness, compassion, equanimity and shared joy. They form the basis of a happy and ‘heartful’ life. Through the practice of loving kindness you strengthen your heart. You become more positive. Through compassion and self-compassion you develop a healthy relationship with yourself and more empathy and openness towards others. Compassion is the ability to provide caring attention to emotional pain, to both our own and that of others. With equanimity you learn to defy your storms in life and discover the lotus in the mud. With shared joy you give the beauty and joy of life a place in your heart.

During this training you learn the essence of Mindfulness: Heartfulness.


  • 8 week program
  • 3 full days
  • Summerweek ( August 11-18 2017 in Dutch )


Some highlights:

  • Insight into the brain and the possibility of happiness
  • Insight into the Emotional Regulation System: where science meets the Buddha
  • Finding a safe haven in the midst of turmoil – insights and meditation
  • Dealing with the inner critic
  • Handling stress, worry and intense emotions – tips & meditations
  • Accepting yourself – insights & meditations
  • Self-esteem – pitfalls and the power of self-compassion
  • Learning from mistakes: the mud and the lotus
  • Forgiveness, what it is and is not – meditations
  • Mindful & compassionate communication: the Samurai & his mother
  • Self-care & living a full life from the heart – insights, tips & meditations


Reactions of participants

Because of this summer week I look at myself and to others in a more mild and loving way. I experienced a very intense connection with the group, a feeling that I think I will carry with me forever. In the sessions I received practical tools to continue the compassionate way and apply it in my daily life. I am so grateful for the experience!

Thanks to the compassion week I’m starting to apply the compassion meditations, and they are very useful in my everyday life. For me it is very important to discover my inner critic. My way of acting and reacting became very clear and I can smile to myself without losing myself in negative thoughts. Fantastic!!!

I feel fulfilled after the summer week.. The week was intense and rich, with lots of variety in content and connecting, creative elements, with enough freedom, with lots of movement, in silence and with music, and all this in an almost idyllic place. There was a wonderful variety among all the enriching elements: meditation, conversation with two, singing, dancing, (silent) walking, tai chi, yoga, eating and drinking, talking, sauna, swimming, boating, campfires, a bonfire, personal and playful input … 

I carry the valuable insights about anger and shame, about my inner and outer critic, and my dear companion, who wants to grow compassion for all those difficult voices and feelings in me.