7 February 2017

Communication with mindfulness and compassion

Bring Mindfulness, empathy and emotional intelligence into your communication!
Be inspired by the wisdom of Socrates, the insights of Marshall Rosenberg and recent neuroscience! 

  • Do you sometimes experience stress or do you often feel emotional during your communication?
  • Do you find it difficult to make certain decisions and to express them?
  • Do you want to raise your empathy, emotional intelligence and influence?


Communication is not just something between you and me.
It is also about the relationship with myself, with others and with my life.

David Dewulf


The training, consisting of 8 sessions (in 4 days or 8 separate sessions), can help you with this. The training is a powerful sequel to mindfulness and /or compassion in which you bring together feeling and thinking to gain inner wisdom as the compass of your life!

  • You will learn about and practice what works and what doesn’t work in human interaction
  • You will become more aware of your patterns, your values and you will learn to use your values as your inner compass
  • You will learn to listen and to make choices from the heart.

Did you know that your heart receives information much faster than your brain? And that four times more signals are sent from your heart to your brain than from your brain to your heart? Therefore you may want to become more in touch with your heart and choose, live and communicate from your heart!

After attending this training it is possible to attend module 2 as a mindfulness trainer where you will learn how to teach this training yourself.