2 November 2016


David Dewulf is the author of many books on Mindfulness and (Self)Compassion.

Some of his books have been translated in French and German.

On this page you will find the whole bibliography available in Dutch.


Balance in your life in 7 steps

BESTSELLER:  number 1 for 5 weeks at Standaard Boekhandel!

In 7 steps this book gives you clear insights and practical tools to cope better with the pressure of (working) life and to experience more inner strength, vitality, happiness and a good work-life balance. Based on the parable of “the samurai and his mother” David brings together all elements of mindfulness and heartfulness in a simple model. This model is also applicable for companies and organizations.




In this book, David Dewulf goes beyond the predictable hype, beyond stress-reduction or measurable efficiency. Silence, not knowing, humour, kindness, compassion, space for hard times and colouring outside the lines: every contribution, big or small, of these values is particularly important for our busy society. Moreover it is important that the book invites and does not prescribes, allows space for choice and does not judge. I can only hope that the ethical foundation of this unconditional openness will reach as far as possible.

 Professor Dirk De Wachter, author of  “Borderline Times” and “Liefde. Een onmogelijk verlangen?”, KULeuven

David Dewulf presents the reader a solid methodology; he offers practical tips and exercises; shares his rich experience and insights that can help each of us in his / her journey to find  balance within and between each of the life roles and functions (as a parent, as an employee, as an employer, as a partner, as a citizen, as consumers, …) that we perform every day. A book that invites to live more ‘heartfully’ and work more ‘mindfully’.

Peter Vlerick, Professor of Labour and Health Psychology, Universiteit Gent



7 sources of inner joy

This book allows you to awaken a new power in you: that of inner joy and inner happiness, not determined by what people say or do not say, do or do not do. Now you can find inner happiness, and let the joy of being alive flow through you. It takes a week to read this book and to bring wisdom into your life.




This is a wonderful book about the thing every person deeply desires: happiness. The book is rooted in the ancient wisdom of the Buddha, but offers plenty of practical tips for a more fulfilling life in our contemporary Western society. The form is accessible, the contents timeless. Impossible not to be inspired.

Paul Van Hooydonck, Founder of Ehipassiko Boeddhistisch Centrum (Antwerpen)

I can recommend the book Mindfully Happy to everyone, especially to those experiencing a difficult period in his or her life. The everyday application of the seven sources of inner joy, as best as you can, offers you a wonderful way to re- find happiness in your life. When your heart is broken, there is a risk to harden and to build a wall around your heart or to linger in sorrow. This book offers a third way, which is to say yes to life with beauty but also with its dark side. The nice thing about this book is that it’s very easy to read and useful for those who still know nothing of meditation or mindfulness, and can find a way in the book to help themselves heal. This is how I have experienced it myself during a difficult period in my life

Dr. Bruno Ariens, General Practitioner and author of  “Uitgeslapen Wakker Worden” and “Slaap Zacht”



With mindfulness and compassion

Accepting yourself, doesn’t it sound obvious? Unfortunately, we are often very critical of ourselves. We set the bar so high, as if ‘happiness’ lies above it. We try to be good so that everyone acknowledges us. We long for unconditional love, but put ourselves in a harness of conditions. Accepting yourself with mindfulness and compassion is an invitation to come home to yourself, as you are now. The book and the unique mindfulness meditations on the accompanying CD’s assist you step by step.



Self-acceptance is without doubt the most important when it comes to confronting life and its difficulties. We all understand the importance of a peaceful relationship with ourselves, but intellectual understanding is not enough, there is also a need for the practical, emotional and physical. Mindfulness offers us the ideal way for this practice. And this book, practical and friendly, shows you how to walk this path.

Christophe André is a Psychiatrist in the University Hospital of Sainte-Anne in Paris and author of  “Mediteren, dag na dag”



 Living powerfully and happy in the now

This book forms the basis of the proven effective 8-week program. Mindfulness helps you to live your life happier, to develop a clear focus, strengthen your emotional intelligence, prevent dips, communicate better and much more … In a unique way, mindfulness is interwoven with key elements of positive and cognitive psychology and mind / body medicine.




This book offers a plus to the value of Mindfulness. The clear and inspiring words of David Dewulf will give many people the strength and courage to walk this path of healing and wholeness. Whether you are a beginner or have been meditating for many years, this book will give you new insights for your inner journey.

Professor Mark Williams – Clinical Psychology University of Oxford

Dr. Dewulf combines acknowledged methods of analysis, Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) methods with his own practical wisdom and offers readers a powerful, intuitive and highly effective program to a larger self-awareness and inner peace.

Rick Hanson Ph.D. and author of “Buddha’s Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love and Wisdom”



From vulnerability to resilience 

In this book you will find a collection of powerful pieces of wisdom to cope better with the storms in your life. It provides a step-by-step plan of 8 weeks with practical tools, familiar stories, interesting insights, exercises and beautiful meditations to apply self-compassion in every facet of your life. Scientific research shows that self-compassion is the basis of self-confidence, less fear of failure, more perseverance, more optimism and less self-criticism. Self-compassion also encourages behaviour that promotes your health.




This book offers you many tips and insights to really see your own life in a new light. The book helps to align the compass of your heart with your value –  with the help of a unique breathing space – and to find your own unique direction in your life. 

Professor Manu Keirse; Psychologist and author of  “Zie de mens” and “Vingerafdruk van verdriet” amongst others.



Gifts of love and intimacy

Mindfulness in your relationship shows you step by step how to become a gift for each other. With inspiring texts, practical examples and practical tips, David Dewulf helps you on your way to more balance and deep connection with your partner. This unique book focuses on the heartful attitude as taught by the Buddha, the loving communication in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh and mindful sex inspired by the Eastern tantra. This book is a recommendation for those who want to give their relationship a place in their heart.




Mindfulness in Your Relationship is a pleasure to read!  I read it with a graceful smile and sometimes a burst of laughter. I find it very healing to “understand” how my past relationships came to an end. Thank you!

Ilse (reader response)

This book is a gift. A gift in the eminent sense of the word. Because it teaches – imperturbably in disarming simplicity – the essential part of our love life: giving. From a look, attention … to giving for the sake of giving: the ultimate gift as partner. In real presence: not absent-mindedly anymore.
Prof. Dr. Piet Nijs, Psychiatrist and Sexologist.



Meditations of joy

The long-awaited book with the meditations on CD from the bestseller “Mindfully Happy. 7 sources of inner joy.” This little booklet gives you a different perspective on the 7 sources of happiness and also contains a CD to practice the unique meditation exercises. For everyone who wants to let his inner happiness flourish. The following meditations are included: Letting go of your preconceived ideas – Open your attention to what is beautiful – Coming home in inner silence – Guarding your inner world – The wealth of giving – A grateful smile for your body – Trust.



Love meditations

Mindfulness is an invitation to experience life to the fullest. To be yourself, in your joy and your sorrow. And despite all the challenges that come your way, to love life. The four heart qualities loving kindness, compassion, shared joy and equanimity are your support. This book brings the four heart qualities with its applications in daily life. The accompanying CD contains 6 meditations.




A way to strengthen resilience, inner peace and happiness

Scientific research shows that self-compassion leads to optimism, resilience, courage and perseverance. Furthermore, our health improves and we experience more empathy, connectedness, forgiveness, love, and joy. The 18 meditations help you on your way.

The 6 CDs complement the book “The path of self-compassion” (Lannoo 2016) and the book “Self-Compassion and the awakened heart.” (LannooCampus 2017). Including the following meditations: the compassionate body scan, seeing the good, my compassionate companion, ending inner conflict, the round table of my heart, the compass of my heart, forgiveness of myself, forgiveness of others and much more.





This book for teens and students brings together vividly all the core elements of mindfulness within their everyday context: conflict with parents, breaking up with a girlfriend or boyfriend, exams, being stopped by the police on your scooter …

New techniques are provided for dealing with stress, anxiety, worry, helplessness, frustration, depressed mood, seeing no way out anymore … And also emotional reactions such as exploding and freezing in communication patterns are discussed.



A wise, kind, and accessible guide that gives teens powerful mindfulness practices to develop calmness, self-acceptance, resilience, interpersonal skills, and greater self- awareness. These inner qualities can help teenagers navigate the ups and downs of this stressful, creative, and vulnerable stage of life.

Myla and Jon Kabat-Zinn co-authors: Everyday Blessings: The Inner Work of Mindful Parenting

This book will be a major help in bringing mindfulness to a new generation. David Dewulf uses his considerable skills as practitioner and teacher to take the reader step by step through a program that promises to change lives in significant ways. Clinicians and family members will also find the book an invaluable guide to mindfulness practice.

Mark Williams, Director, Oxford Mindfulness Centre, Co-author, The Mindful Way Through Depression

This book represents without any doubt a significant and timely contribution to the evolution of mindfulness-based interventions. It will be of great value to teenagers looking for a comfortable and powerful way to deal with life’s challenges and daily stress. Preliminary results of a large randomized controlled trial in secondary schools in Flanders (Belgium) show that the program as outlined in this book reduces ruminative thinking patterns, depression, anxiety and stress symptoms, and improves self-esteem.

Prof. dr. Filip Raes, PhD,Centre for the Psychology of Learning and Experimental Psychopathology, University of Leuven, Belgium

In adolescence, our kids start to experience important pressures on their school or social performances, which causes stress. They are also exposed to distractions and temptations that undermine their inner world. Mindfulness is a precious tool to help them stabilize their attention and emotions. And this friendly, accessible and handy book is a good tool to initiate them to this approach.

Christophe André, psychiatrist at the Sainte-Anne Hospital in Paris, author of “Meditating day after day”.




Mindfulness leads teens to good results. Practicing mindfulness regularly ensures that they learn to handle stress better, experience less fear of failure and cope better with their emotions. David Dewulf developed a mindfulness training specifically for teens with recognizable examples from their everyday environment and practical applicable techniques. This CD-book contains meditations young people can immediately use. The ideal complement to the highly acclaimed book “Mindfulness For Young People”.




The main character is Pieter, an 8 year old boy. During his setbacks at school he comes in contact with Pol the Troll, a mythical figure who initiates Pieter in the mysteries of mindfulness. A whole new world opens up for Pieter. But soon he meets Grommy. Who is symbolic of the inner critic and makes Pieter constantly doubt everything. Fortunately Hartenlief manages to support Pieter in a loving way.

“Mindfulness For Your Kids” is an ongoing story that contains 16 chapters and can be read to children by parents or guardians. Each chapter ends with a treasure that can be discovered in the story. Numerous mindfulness exercises and meditations are discussed. Topics include are anger, regret and guilt, sadness, fear, making choices and more. A must for all parents who want to support their child to be more stress-resistance and have more self-confidence.




In this new and exciting adventure Pieter and his friend Pol the Troll travel to Goblin land. Pieter gets an important but dangerous task from the king. Only by choosing courage, love and wisdom does he have a chance to succeed. Will Pieter manage to bring back the holy sceptre to Goblin land?

This is a book with wise lessons for your child. The accompanying CD contains exercises that you can do with your child which have a scientific basis to teach children to cope with stress, emotions and challenges that life brings.