7 February 2017

Accepting yourself with mindfulness and compassion


 A sunflower
rooted in poor soil
opening up to the light
flowering exuberantly
does not ask itself 
why he is not a rose….



Accepting yourself is not always easy. We all do things that we regret afterwards. Or we do not find ourselves good enough, or not pretty enough … In this way we hinder ourselves and our potential. During this day of exercises and meditations we learn to be our own best friend. This is important because you are ultimately the person you have to deal with most in your life. We give attention to who we are and who we can be.

Some of the topics of the day:

  • Understanding why it is so difficult to accept yourself
  • Learning to look to yourself in a gentle, loving way
  • Discovering security, even if it feels unsafe
  • Understanding the difference between self-esteem and compassion, with pitfalls
  • Cultivate mildness towards yourself
  • Find support when everything falls away
  • Walking the path of forgiving (ourselves) and understanding what forgiveness is and what it is not
  • Finding inner strength with compassion
  • Shaping your life
  • Walking a value-oriented path.

Reactions of participants

Heart-warming attention for yourself …
Stefanie V.C.

 Always looking forward to a mindfulness meditation day: finally a moment of rest in this hectic time, ..just pulling the plug and not thinking about anything!
An V.

 The meditation with the welcoming of all the little ‘me’s’ in yourself, with all their emotions, was a revelation for me. For the first time I could accept ‘The little Hilde’ in me. Since this day I do not push her away anymore when she lets herself to be heard, seen and felt. I welcome her and even though it hurts to meet her, she can be there now.
Hilde V.