Passion for a sincere life

About David Dewulf

David Dewulf is a doctor. After studying medicine, he travelled the world for years in search of new inspiration and deeper meaning of life. He encountered original cultures and the ancient wisdom of China, Thailand, Nepal and India. A new world opened up to him. The wisdom traditions of the West have also given him many answers.

This trip was also an inner journey that still continues and is at the root of the many books he has written. David considers his latest book “The path of self-compassion,” to be his most important contribution to the world of mindfulness and compassion and brings a lot of new insights.

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Compassion and self-compassion

This training introduces you to the four heart qualities: loving kindness, compassion, equanimity and shared joy.
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Communication with mindfulness and compassion

The training is a powerful sequel to mindfulness and/or compassion
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Accepting yourself with mindfulness and compassion

During this day of exercises and meditations we learn to be our own best friend.
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Meditation & the art of living

Various days to return to your source and to make contact with the essence of life
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Mindful leadership

During this training you become acquainted with the seven building blocks of mindful and compassionate leadership
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Mindfulness for life

The I AM mindfulness training offers an integrated MBSR – MBCT approach Read more

Train the trainer

I AM offers a thorough education program to become a certified mindfulness trainer Read more

Mindfulness for teenagers

Mindfulness offers teenagers peace and strength in the middle of new experiences and challenges Read more